Hello world!

by Cheri Sundra--Guerrilla Historian

Fortune CookiePhoto Credit:  bellaphon (Fat Les)

I have a habit of saving the little slips of paper from fortune cookies.  Sometimes the glistening pearls of wisdom contained within those crispy vanilla folded wafers are so fantastic, that it seems like a waste to just toss them away.  In other instances, they express a vision for a way of life that I wish I could manifest for myself.  In either case, I’ve decided to start posting those fortunes here, because sometimes the thought behind the message is so great, that it just has to be shared! 

To learn some interesting facts about the history of the fortune cookie, be sure to check out “Solving a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside a Cookie” from The New York Times.

And please remember, you cannot argue with what a cookie tells you!  😉

~~Cheri Sundra